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Parents are urged to impress upon their children the necessity of strict compliance to the school rules.
• Parents are reminded to monitor their children’s academic performance.
•Parents must feel free to contact their child’s register or subject teacher to discuss their academic progress
• Parents are obliged to ensure that their children are supplied with the necessary uniform, text books and stationery.
•Please ensure that school fees are paid promptly according to the payment plan indicated in the fees section.


The school undertakes to deliver an education package in line with the spirit and letter of what is described in this brochure. If, for some unforeseen reason it becomes impossible to render a particular service or to add one or more additional services to those that are described herein,The school promises to inform the parents and learners as soon as practically possible through established structures and procedures All teachers, administrative, office and other support staff commit themselves to consistently:

Treat learners and parents with dignity, respect and common Christian courtesy.
Deal with reasonable requests as speedily as practically possible Communicate the outcome of requests in a professional manner


A parent or learner who feels aggrieved or unfairly dealt with is invited to first discuss the matter with the relevant person or his/her direct supervisor.
If the matter is not resolved satisfactorily within a reasonable time frame it must be taken to the school principal who will investigate or arbitrate as necessary.
If the matter is, in the opinion of the parent or learner, still not resolved satisfactorily, a written appeal should be lodged with the principal who will present it to the School Governing Board for a final decision.