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Learners should be polite and show respect to fellow learners and adults at all times.
• No rough games are to be played and no obscene language used at all times.
• Learners may not use or display walkmans, radios, cell phones whilst on the school premises.
• Violating the above rule will result in confiscation.
• The following misbehavior will be severely dealt with and will result in immediate suspension or expulsion.
• Refusal to obey a teacher’s lawful command
• Bullying. Fighting and any form of gangster-type behaviour
• Cigarette smoking and drinking of alcohol beverages.
• Possession and using/selling drugs.
• Possession and display of Pornographic material.
• Possession of fire arms, dangerous weapons and poisonous substances.
• Vandalism.
• Immorality which may include any sexual activity – including homosexual or lesbian activities.
• Learners should not leave the school premises without permission.


A girl who is pregnant will not be allowed to register for the current academic year.


Learners should be on school premises by 06:50 am.
School is from 07:00-13:00 and from 14:00-16:00 in exception of Wednesday and Friday (Free days) for Senior Primary and Junior Primary knock off at 12:20 from Monday to Thursday and 11:00 on Friday.
Morning assembly and worship are compulsory for all learners.
Learners must be punctual for assembly and observe silence during worship time.


Part A

• Neat and correct uniform must be worn daily to school.
• Learners should not walk with their hands in their trouser pockets or with caps on in the school premises.
• Hairstyles with fibre, dreadlocks, and singles that attract undue attention are not allowed. Corn rolls for girls and Brush cut for boys.
• Sports attire compulsory on sports days.
• Girls ribbon should match school colours.
• No jewellery may be worn to school including tongue rings.

Part B

• Girls: Navy blue plain Dress; White shirt ; School tie; School Jersey ; School Blazer.
•Black school shoes with school socks.
• Boys: Grey trousers; White shirt; School tie; School Jersey; School Blazer.
• Black school shoes with grey socks. ( No Suede shoes are allowed)
• School ‘drimacs’ can be worn only on rainy days.
• Uniform can be order at Mavuluma Adventist Primary Private School.


Navy Blue trousers only. (To be used during the Second Terms ONLY)


The school will provide textbooks and when lost the learner will purchase it.
Parents buy stationery for their learners in accordance with the stationery requirement list.